FYI: Icq: 552472717 "Dr" Known scammer is back...

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the Moongate Journeyman

Post Wed May 11, 2011 12:31 pm

He's saying hes selling gold for .30 per mill that he has billions to sell he just had a baby etc etc....

Seems to have scammed many people in the past from my research so im not dealing with him. He may sell small amounts but i wouldn't make a big purchase unless you know him personally... Seems like a shady fella.

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socress [HOT]
the Eldest Elder

Post Wed May 11, 2011 2:45 pm

His ICQ is also 31089122

Dragnet. Huge scammer.

Thanks for posting.

the Posting Master

Post Wed May 11, 2011 5:16 pm

Dr 6:57 AM
Gold is .45 cents a mil, cheaper if you spend 50$ or more
gurl 6:58 AM
turns to 40?
Dr 7:02 AM
Nah listen we cant do business

Blazing InfernO wrote:2 BILLION gold 1vs2 , you fight alone on your stealther , you can use brute , vs me and one other dexer of my guild.
Bane321 wrote: Look at how they will NEVER even admit when one of my jokes is funny.

Diablo thantis [GOD+]
the Moongate Journeyman

Post Wed May 11, 2011 9:00 pm

He is a in game scammer that 100% sure

ive bought from him at cheap tho and he didn't screwed anyone i know yet for cash

but problem child said he did tho which sux

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the Apprentice Baker

Post Mon May 23, 2011 1:03 am

Guys he is still around. Tried to scam my friend by selling "2.3 Billion" at .25 per. He insisted on paypal "gift". When I linked him to this forum, he blocked me. What a pile of crap. ... 717-a.html

"He is selling gold super cheap (under .40) but insists on getting payment as GIFT.

When confronted he blocked me on icq.

He goes by "Dr" ICQ 552472717.

In game he is "A Canadian God".

His Paypal email address is

When I googled that email address I found a facebook link which appears to be him trying to take donations for a non existing effort. What a low life!

Read the 4th comment:

"We survived Bush. You will survive Obama. Sue, thank you! We do accept direct donations, however I have no way to contact you as your profile is extremely private and does not accept messages. Our paypal address is
December 4, 2010 at 4:45pm "

If you want to buy something you find "wiery" and they insist on gift, offer to cover the paypal fees that way you are covered in case anything happens.

Be safe people!!!

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