Council of Mages is getting Evicted

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Post Wed Oct 20, 2010 7:02 pm

It looks like the recent foreclosure crisis is seeping into Britannia. From
Council of Mages Faction Commanders Meeting on TC1 - Saturday, 10/23/10
At this stage in the current Live arc, it’s important we share some information about the future location of the Council of Mages.

Mesanna and Uriah will be on TC1 this weekend, Saturday October 23rd, at 1400 hours EST (that’s 2 in the afternoon on the East Coast).We will cover the relocation of the CoM factions base and the impact it will have on the current story arc. Also, we will field questions specifically on the live arc.

If you are unable to attend, please have a representative available in your place. We recommend attendance, thank you!
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UOGuide - Must be a good website if Stratics wants to copy it!

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