Trading: WOW Gold (Zul'jin server) OR Tokens for UO Gold (Atlantic Shard) Ratios are listed inside!

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Post Sat Oct 26, 2019 3:34 pm

Looking to trade some gold from WOW (Zul'jin server) for gold on Ultima Online. I pretty much farm my own gold raw on there multiboxing and I can make about 800k a day. Looking to trade some wow gold for gold in Ultima Online obviously not for a 1:1 ratio as UO gold is cheaper then wow gold. If interested lemme know either PM or reply and ill check back periodically. I'm on ICQ but apparently lost my old number with the changes to ICQ but hell not even sure what my new ICQ number is the whole window im looking at right now looks weird. I do have Discord as well Koz#7756

I will ofcourse be using a broker for this like maybe Nails Warstein or something. Also good opportunity for any of you UO gold sellers to get into selling wow gold.


So after doing some math and research the going rate on 1 million wow gold seems to be about $100-110. For UO Gold we can just assume the gold is .15 per mil (this is also generous compared to actual going rate of uo gold).

for WOW (retail): $0.0001‬ = 1 gold coin. (0.0001 x 1500 = 0.15)
for UO: $0.15 = 1 mil gold.

So i'd be looking for the following ratio:

1500gp : 1mil gold.

So for every 1500 wow gold ill take 1mil UO gold. Currently I've got 2mil im looking to trade for gold for UO gold or tokens for UO gold. If it's tokens the auction house prices fluctuate but basically the same ration will apply at the rate of $0.0001 per wow gold coin. So if the token cost for example 180k then thats 120mil uo gold.

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