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Post Fri Jun 28, 2019 9:05 am

Due to numerous people messaging me asking me to start this coming weekend. We're doing a "dry run" before our grand opening.

Items up for Auction: (updated daily):

We will have Contests, Prizes, and a Mystery Chest to bid on worth at least 25m (possibly more).

Contest: Dressed the Most Colorful, Dressed the Most Kawaii, Dressed the Most Scary
Winners will be determined by the audience.
Prize: TBD

Auction will go from 7pm EST (sharp) until 9pm EST (time will vary a tad due to participation, amount of items, and me being old and slow)

Gating will begin 30 mins prior to Auction. PEC gates are set to start on July 6th. We will go over bidding rules at start of auction.

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