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Atlantic Tradeboard FAQ

What is the Atlantic Tradeboard?
It is place where Atlantic shard UO players can Buy/Sell/Trade their items.
How much traffic does it get?
The tradeboard itself receives hundreds of views per day. The listings themselves are actually seen thousands of times due to an innovative feature that inserts them elsewhere on the forum. The HOT forum is viewed thousands of times per day, hundreds of thousands of times per month. Even more, the latest 5 listings are shown on the main web page.
What are the rules?
There are currently only 3 rules on the tradeboard itself.

1) No Selling of Items Deemed Illegal to Own by OSI (such as Ancient Wyrms)
2) No Selling of any Codes, such as Gametime or Transfer (Tokens are OK)
3)You Must be in Possession of the Item you are Selling, No Referral Advertising for Someone Else
How does the Atlantic Tradeboard compare to Tradespot?
There are some obvious differences immediately. For one, you do not have to be a registered member of the Atlantic Tradeboard to view or even reply to listings. Your listing will be much easier to advertise and have a much higher viewership. Another huge difference is moderators/administrators have no special abilities which give their listing a priority over yours. Frequently Tradespot staff will "sticky" their listings at the top or change the name color.

Furthermore, virtually all traffic to the forum is Atlantic players. Tradespot's traffic is split between many different shards.
Does the Atlantic Tradeboard get more traffic than Tradespot?
Maybe. It is impossible to know. The HOT forum definitely gets more traffic than tradespot overall and listings are shown all over the forum. But the Atlantic Tradeboard only receives a few hundred hits per day. Using a web traffic metric, Alexa ranks the complete website about 500,000 lower (better) than
What type of players visit the Atlantic Tradeboard?
All kinds. PVPer, PVMer, Roleplayer, etc. It probably has a more rounded distribution of play styles than other trading websites.
Do I have to use the Atlantic Tradeboard exclusively?
Absolutely not. You can post your listing anywhere you want. Posting it on multiple sites will help increase exposure and is encouraged.
How do I get started using the Atlantic Tradeboard?
If you are not already a member of the UO Atlantic forum, visit the Registration Page. Once you have registered and activated your account, you can go straight to the Atlantic Tradeboard and begin posting listings!
I am having problems signing up or activating my forum account =[
There are two ways to contact administration. Either submit a message via the site Contact Form or ICQ JC the Builder at 59523359. Make sure to include the username you signed up with and as much detail as possible about your issue to ensure quick resolution.

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